Easton Snowshoes

The World's First Ergonomic Snowshoes

Artica™ series snowshoes changing expectations Drawing from decades of knowhow, Easton engineers better snowshoes through advanced materials and innovative design. Exclusive ergonomic innovations absorb torque, shed snow, and conserve energy to take your snowshoe experience to a new level of comfort and performance.



Split-Axis Crampon

Strong Split-Axis crampons pivot independently over uneven terrain and respond to the natural balancing pressures of each step for better traction and stability. (Hike & Backcountry models)

Virtual Pivot Traction Cam

Patented pivot system digs deeper for improved traction and a more natural rollthrough step. Two independent cam arms secure the binding and allow the crampon to drop below the decking and creates a step-leveling third pivot-point.

Quick-Cinch Binding

One-handed, pull-and-go entry and exit makes getting into Easton snowshoes a "cinch". Quick-Cinch secures & cradles the boot on all sides with a simple tug.

Articulating Frame

Secured at the tip and tail, the independent rails flex and articulate over uneven terrain. The frame design absorbs stresses normally transferred to the ankle, knee, and hip while providing unsurpassed stability and control.

Easy Step Nesting

Uniquely contoured for men and women to deliver a tailored experience. Asymmetrical frames nest together on every step to allow a closer, more natural stride that conserves energy.